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GVS Parent and Author Neha Bajaj Speaks to Students for Autism Acceptance Month

GVS Parent and Author Neha Bajaj Speaks to Students for Autism Acceptance Month

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, GVS Lower School students were treated to a special presentation by Neha Bajaj, a GVS parent (Nate, 2nd Grade) and author of Noah's Intense Day. The occasion was not just about sharing a story; it was a celebration of neurodiversity, individuality, and fostering a more inclusive environment.


Bajaj began her presentation by explaining the process behind her heartwarming book as she guided students through the ins and outs of writing, revising, and illustrating, all of which contributed to bringing Noah's world to life. Diving into her own journey as a writer, Bajaj revealed a secret: she is an avid reader, just like many of the students before her.

As Bajaj read Noah's Intense Day aloud, she painted a vivid picture of some of the challenges faced by individuals with autism. Through Noah's eyes, students began to understand a life filled with sensory overload, social complexities, and the profound emotions that shape his daily life. Bajaj explained how Noah's story isn't just about autism; it's about understanding and embracing differences, and fostering empathy in our community.

The heart of the story lies within Noah's journey of self-discovery. As he navigates through his intense emotions and sensory experiences, he learns to appreciate the unique bond he shares with his brother, Shaun, who faces similar difficulties. Through their connection, readers witness the power of acceptance, compassion, and the unwavering support of family.